The Best Banned Plays and Playwrights

Oct 10

Censorship and the stage have gone hand in hand for centuries. Several plays by Aristophanes have been shut down over the years. The classic “Lysistrata” , written around 411 BC, addresses the idea of women gaining power through withholding sex. It was stifled in the late 1800s by the Comstock Law, which forbade the mailing of obscene books and materials, as well as making birth control for women illegal. The ban was not lifted until the post-prohibition era in the United States.
Henrik Ibsen, a controversial Danish playwright working in the late 1800s, also experienced Continue reading »

The Top Cities Where Playwrights Can Find Work

May 29

The Top Cities Where Playwrights Can Find Work

How To Get Surrounded By Inspiration And Solid Work
Every playwright has to take a few essential steps in order to find consistent and spiritually satisfying work. First, you have to be in a city where playwriting is appreciated and respected. Second, you have to narrow your search by determining your niche and market as a playwright. Third, this means pinpointing your strengths as a playwright. Fourth, after you have conducted enough research, you should consider traveling to that city.

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The Most Influential Playwrights Of Our Time

Mar 29

When it comes to influential playwrights, most people think about the great old ones, like William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe. The truth of the matter is that writing plays is a dynamic arena, and even today, there are playwrights that are creating roles and stories that can win hearts and minds.

For example, take a look at the works of Tom Stoppard. Tom Stoppard took one of Shakespeare’s most famous tales, Hamlet, and turned it around in his impressive tour de force, Rosencrantz Continue reading »

Ten Playwrights You Need To Read

Oct 23

In the world of playwrights, there are several writers that stand out for their incredible work in the theater.

1. David Mamet
The author of Glengarry Glen Ross and Tony award winner.
2. Arthur Miller
Famous American playwright who penned Death of A Salesmen and later married Marilyn
3. Tenessee Williams
Brought the famed Streetcar Named Desire and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof to the stage and
won the Medal of Freedom in 1980.
4. William Shakespeare
Shakespeare is perhaps the greatest playwright of all time Continue reading »

How To Produce Your Own Play

Oct 19

Follow these easy step by step instructions to put on your very own play:

1. Write Your Own Play or Choose an Existing Play to Put On
Decide what play you will actually be putting on.

2. Choose a Venue Based on the Scenes in Your Play
Find a play to have your play. Keep in mind what your venue needs to have in order to accommodate your scenes.

3. Hold Casting For the Parts in the Play You Are Putting On
There can not Continue reading »

Networking With People Who Can Produce Your Play

Oct 17

You have just written a truly excellent play. Now, if you could only get someone to help produce it. That is never going to be an easy task but there are ways you can make it easier. Among the best ways would to be network with those capable of producing it.

What is networking? Basically, this can be best describe as using people as your best resource. You would make personal contacts with those in the industry in order to mutually help each others careers. Networking entails meeting people and this means Continue reading »

How To Edit Your Own Play

Oct 16

First, read your play out loud and act out the parts. This helps you, as the author, hear how the dialogue sounds and where it needs to be tweaked to fit the scenes and the characters. This also helps you visualize the play to give you an idea of how the play will work with dialogue, staging and flow when actually performed.

Second, ask those you trust who will give you an honest, thoughtful and knowledgeable critique to go over the play manuscript. Others will catch awkward phrasing and plot holes. They will see where characters do not Continue reading »

The Most Common Mistakes New Playwrights Make

Oct 14

Becoming a playwright is a dream many people have. Of course, having a dream and making that dream a reality are two different things. To become a successful playwright,, you should avoid a few common mistakes. Avoid being too derivative of other playwrights. You work must be original and it has to have its own unique voice or else it will fall flat. Trying to copy other styles never works. Your work must be original. Eliminate all structure and grammar errors from a play. Nothing reads more like amateur hour than a play filled with grammar, syntax and structure errors.Additional information can be found at Avoid going for shocks. Lowbrow horror movies can draw attention for being salacious. A playwright needs to be above this banality. Never let your ego get in the way of networking potential. The help of others is a must if you want to navigate the world of professional theater. This will not be achievable if you turn people off when you interact with them. Always be humble and never stop learning. Be willing to accept constructive criticism. You will not be able to learn and grow as if you will not accept valid criticism. These mistakes are common but they can be easily avoided if you have the right attitude.